From Urine Therapy To Clay Cleanse, Here Are The Diets To Avoid In 2015

It happens every year - a celebrity tweets about a diet and before long we're typing the key words into Google and replacing every item of food in our fridge.

We know it isn't necessarily the best approach to healthy eating, but there's no denying that these so called quick fixes can be very tempting.

In 2014 the Mediterranean diet and the Raw Food diet were big news, while the 5:2 diet continued to be popular both inside and outside celebrity circles.

But in 2015 expert nutritionists are predicting celebrity diet trends may take a bizarre and sometimes unhealthy turn.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) have now released their annual list of the celebrity diets to avoid in the coming year.

From the utterly gross Urine Therapy diet to the downright dangerous Clay Cleanse diet, scroll through the slideshow to read all about them.

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Celebrity Diets to Avoid in 2015

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, BDA spokesperson and consultant dietitian, Sian Porter says our desire to follow a celebrity diet may come from pressure by the media, a longing to feel connected to the celebrity world and the yearning for an easy weight-loss solution.

"We are bombarded by this image of perfection that doesn't exist- most celebrity images are airbrushed or edited in some way. There's a lot of pressure about looks rather than health," she says.

"Everybody is looking for that magic bullet that's going to give maximum results with minimum effort, but I think deep down we all know that doesn't really exist."

It's important to remember that following some celebrity diets may do damage to your long-term health.

Porter says the best way to lose weight is to create a food plan that works for you, that doesn't cut out any essential foods or result in deficiencies.

"The whole mindset of 'I'm going on a diet' suggests it has a beginning and an end, and to lose weight healthily you have to make small, sustainable changes," she says.

"A diet that will work is a diet that you can stick to, as long as you're not harming your health in the process."

If you're considering a drastic diet change for 2015, talk through the options with your GP first.