Britain First Kiss Goodbye Any Credibility With Facebook Post On 'Muslim Obama' Conspiracy

Britain First have kissed goodbye any chance they could ever be seen as even a remotely credible political force after posting what could be their most bizarre Facebook update to date.

In response to the absence of a United States contingent at the huge solidarity march in Paris on Sunday, the pseudo-political group joined the ranks of fully signed up conspiracy theorists with an explanation that would make Donald Trump blush:

Latching on to a conspiracy theory more than a decade after it was debunked, Britain First appeared to suggest that Barack Obama had sympathy with the Islamists behind the Paris attacks.

The US president has been dogged by false rumours of his "true" religion ever since he campaigned for the US senate in 2004.

Despite repeated denials and the assertion that visiting Indonesia or having the middle name "Hussein" doesn't automatically make you a terrorist, the gossip has persisted.

Other bastions of right-wing lunacy who also believe Barack Obama is a Muslim include...

So, they're in good company.