Beshine's 32Z Fake Breasts Are The Biggest In The World (NSFW)

Beshine's 32Z Fake Breasts Are The Biggest In The World (NSFW)

WARNING:This report contains graphic images, viewer discretion is advised.

Imagine making a career out of inflating your breasts to the point where you can barely see over them.

That’s exactly what 31-year-old German adult actress Beshine – aka Mayra Hills – has done.

It’s likely these are the largest augmented breasts in the world and with her 59-28-36 measurements Beshine is pretty fascinating/horrifying to look at.

According to Uproxx, each breast weight 20lbs – the equivalent of a small dog, say a pug (yes really, the average weight of a male pug is between 13 and 20lbs.)

Standing at a mere 5ft 6, her back must surely be killing her – and what’s more Beshine’s twitter feed highlights some of the drawbacks of being so top heavy, explaining: “My boobs stick out so much… knocked over two bottles of wine while dining in the restaurant today. Life isn’t easy being gigantic titted.”

Sad face.

Some quick Beshine facts.

Beshine likes reading, dancing, rollerblading, jeans, salads, the colour pink, and chocolate.

Beshine does not like the colour brown, sushi and seafood, or beer.

Beshine is a Pisces and has a diploma in environmental management.

For Halloween Beshine dressed up as Michael Myers.

(Note: Beshine’s official website lists her breasts as weighing 36lbs a piece and her as a younger 27-year-old, did someone have a tinker with the stats recently? hmmm…)