ITV News Viewers See Moped Crash Into Pedestrian During Live Broadcast


People watching ITV News on Sunday evening saw something the journalist didn't - a moped drive straight into a passing pedestrian.

The reporter Ria Chatterjee was at St Pancras Station, covering the second day of misery for travellers amid delays following the lorry fire on Saturday which left thousands of passengers stranded on either side of the Channel.

As she was describing the latest developments during a piece to camera, a moped hit a pedestrian and knocked him to the ground, in plain sight of the camera but behind her.

As this Vine shows, the sound of the crash and a yelp of pain were clearly audible to the viewers at home.

People were tweeting in disbelief just after they saw it happen.

Ms Chatterjee, who continued the piece uninterrupted after the crash happened, later tweeted that were both ok.

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