Al Murray Reveals General Election Policies For Pub Landlord's Battle With Nigel Farage And Ukip

Al Murray Launches Election Policies By Throwing Down Drinking Challenge To Farage
Al Murray attends the Q Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.
Al Murray attends the Q Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Comedian Al Murray has issued a warning to his general election foe over any future drinking games.

When asked who would win in a battle of the booze between himself, William Hague or Nigel Farage, the Oxford educated comedian responded: "These men are amateurs."

"The drinking itself wouldn't be a challenge - in fact, I'd say there isn't a table in the land I couldn't drink them under.

"No, it's the company that would be an issue. You'd have Farage pretending he's not a public-school stockbroker and actually some sort of man of the people - and what sort of muppet pretends to be someone they’re not, eh?

"I ask you. And then Hague droning on and on about the time he met Angelina Jolie. No thanks."

Murray will face Ukip leader Nigel Farage in the Thanet South constituency in May's election, standing for the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP).

In his official announcement of intention to stand, Murray listed some of his manifesto points for the election, including 1p pints and the nationalisation of pubs.

The Pub Landlord has also issued a further list of policies, including renaming benefits "scrounge credits" and turning the internet off at the weekend.


Al Murray's FUKP policies

Murray, 46, hopes to fend off Farage and unseat the Tories in the seat they won from Labour in 2010.

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