'Selma' The Latest In A Long Line Of Civil Rights Films - What's Been The Most Impactful?

'Selma' The Latest In A Long Line Of Civil Rights Struggles On Screen

The Oscar-nominated 'Selma' - starring British actor David Oyelowo in a formidable portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr - tells the story of one significant chapter in the struggle for civil rights in America, when hundreds of black citizens marched on the town of Selma, to demand their proper right to vote.


'Selma' is only the latest in a long line of such stories brought to screen, whether fictional encounters or based on important true events. Here, we take a look at the films that explore some of the most powerful fights for civil rights - and do them justice.

Which of these films do you consider to be the most impactful? Let us know below...

'Selma' is in UK cinemas from Friday 6 February. Click here to learn more about #MARCHON to celebrate MLK Day.


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