The Amount Of Sugar Found In These Everyday Food Items Makes Us Very Sad

Sugar might make your life sweeter temporarily (let's face it, munching that cookie felt like heaven at the time), but at what cost?

Well there's type 2 diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and heart disease to name a few.

According to the World Health Organisation, we should be consuming no more than 25 grams of sugar per day.

It might seem like a lot, but how much does this equate to in everyday popular foods? Well, this:

:: Two thirds of a can of Coca Cola

:: Just under three Big Macs

:: Three tablespoons of Heinz Ketchup (or a small ramekin full of the stuff)

:: Three quarters of a glazed doughnut

The reality is that many of us are consuming far more than the daily recommendation. Eek.

Additionally, health coach and blogger Sarah Wilson notes that there's a bucket-load of sugar in food and drinks such as fruit juice (with up to 10-12 teaspoons of the white stuff in just one glass of apple juice), low-fat dairy products and packaged sauces (particularly tomato-based ones such as pasta sauce).

But, fear not, there are ways that you can cut down the amount of sugar in your diet.

These include limiting portions, not skipping breakfast (as blood sugar levels drop by 11am otherwise), lowering your alcohol intake and reducing the amount of tea and coffee you drink during the day.

Additionally, treat yourself with foods such as dark chocolate or a small pot of sugar-free plain yoghurt and a teaspoon of cacao.

Laters Heinz ketchup, hello healthier you.