World Health Organization

The World Health Organization declared that aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener, could be carcinogenic. But experts say there are other factors to consider.
"Panic and then complacency. Once it has faded we tend to forget how bad it was."
Within 24 hours of the 7.8 magnitude quake and a series of severe aftershocks, the estimated death toll was at more than 4,600 people.
"It’s hard to predict the effect of that many mutations appearing together."
What we know about the new 'recombinant' Covid variant so far.
Russia's invasion has destroyed health care facilities, curbing Ukrainians' access to services, including Covid vaccinations, the World Health Organisation said.
You might not *have* to wear a mask, but this is why the World Health Organisation says you should.
Western countries might be majority inoculated, but what about the global South?
Eight cases have been detected in the UK, but how does it compare to the Delta variant?
Naming variants after the places where they are detected is discriminatory, says the World Health Organisation.