Bodybuilding Couple Spend £50,000 Per Year On Their Looks

Buck and Michelle Miller claim to be America's best looking couple - and spend a massive £50,000 each year maintaining their image.

Mirrors and portraits of the couple adorn almost every wall of their Las Vegas home as they constantly monitor and try to improve their chiseled physiques.

The bodybuilding couple splurges £4,000 each month on manicures, pedicures, haircuts, tanning and gym membership and are so serious about staying in shape they prepare every meal days in advance.

Amateur bodybuilder Buck, 27, said: “Without a doubt we are America’s best-looking couple – that’s a fact - hands down.

“If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple I would sign up right now.

“Every time I walk by a mirror, I’m looking. I’m always asking Michelle to take pictures of my physique.

“I ask my son to do my progress pictures and when I’m practicing my posing, he’ll practice my posing with me.”

Bodybuilding Couple Spend £50,000 On Appearance

Michelle, 33, who has 34D breast implants is 5ft 7in and weighs just over ten stone with Buck weighing a little over 13 stone.

Nutritionist Michelle has attracted fans from across the internet with provocative pictures of her 26-inch waist and 33-inch hips.

The couple met while each was supporting a friend at a bodybuilding competition in California in February 2012.

When they met Michelle was living in Vancouver, Canada, with a son from a previous relationship.

Since Buck lived in Las Vegas the pair had a long-distance relationship for a year before deciding to get married a year later on Valentine’s Day, 2013.

Buck said: “The first thing that attracted me to Michelle was her physique - I’ve always been attracted to muscly women and her quads were amazing.

“She really inspired me to get into it too. I wanted to look good next to her."

Michelle, who has been competing in the fitness category since 2011 has always been into fitness but started training competitively four years ago.

She said: “I have always played sports like volleyball and basketball. I started jogging with my sister when I was 12 and I just love the feeling of being active and healthy. I love to compete.

"I started weight training when I was about 25 but didn’t think about doing in competitively.

“When I was 29 my boyfriend at the time worked out a lot and he showed me what to do.

"I always looked at more athletic people as more attractive and seeing people in muscle magazines inspired me.”

After entering her first competition, the Western Canadian Championship, in 2011, Michelle was astounded when she won.

She said: “I trained myself and in the months leading up to the competition worked so hard.

“I’ve always eaten healthily but you have to eat every couple of hours to give your body what it needs.

“The first show is always the hardest because you’re getting your body in that shape for the first time.

"I was terrified when I was up on the stage. I was sweating and nervous and excited. I felt amazing when they read my name out as the overall winner. It was overwhelming.”

Since then Michelle has amassed dozens of trophies and works as a personal trainer, teaching others how to get in such amazing shape.

And amazingly Buck only began bodybuilding competitively in April this year but has already won shows.

He said: “Michelle got me into this lifestyle, but I wanted to clean up my lifestyle and to better myself.

"Bodybuilding has made me into a better person. I feel great about myself, I motivate and inspire people.

"I look great and it’s brought a lot of structured discipline to my life.”

Now the couple are inundated with attention and questions from admirers when they leave the house together.

Buck said: “When we’re together people go crazy – when we’re on the strip or in a grocery store people cannot stop staring at us we’re mobbed.

“It’s flattering when guys look at and appreciate Michelle. They can look but they can’t touch."

The couple’s dedication to their bodies means that they have to prepare all of their food days in advance – weighing out grams and ounces with a scientific accuracy.

Michelle said: “Everything we eat is organic and gluten free. All of the sauces we use are low in sugar.

“We take care of every single ounce of food that enters our body.

“The amount of carbs, proteins etc - everything has to be meticulously planned.

“We’re very scientific about it all. We eat six meals a day, seven days a week and never, ever let ourselves slip – not even on our birthdays.”

Each day the pair get up at 6am after no less than eight hours of sleep.

Michelle said: “If I’ve taken my son to school I like to hit the gym for 9am and do an hour of speed biking.

At 10am I come home and have my second breakfast of egg whites or a protein pancake - something a little heavier.”

After taking care of the housework lunch is 4oz of chicken and brown rice.

She said: “At 2pm I hit the gym again and do weights for 35 minutes after a 15 minute warm up.

"I’m pretty focussed and do 20 minutes of cardio at the end.

“If I snack throughout the day it's almonds, banana, kale or more chicken and rice. Anything pure. I don’t do a large meals.”

The personal trainer can also spend hours training with other people on top of her own grueling regime.

She said: “I might end the day with a bit of light cardio after putting my son to bed, but I have to be in bed by 10pm to get my eight hours’ sleep."

In 2008 Michelle had implants to take her from a 34C to a 34D.

She said: "I had the surgery because having a child my body changed my body and I wasn’t with my appearance after effects of breast feeding.

“Also lifting weights causes women to lose their breasts, it slowly turns them into pecks from doing chest exercises.

"Having plastic surgery definitely made a big impact on keeping my femininity, which was important to me."

But with such emphasis put on their appearance the couple know there are those who would consider them superficial.

Buck, a personal trainer, said: “If someone were to say to me that I’m vain - there’s two responses.

"If they were being smart about it I would tell them to take off their shirt, and I’ll take off my shirt and I would ask them to repeat what they just said.”

“Every time we walk by a mirror we look - not because we’re cocky, but just because you’re always looking for things you can improve on.

“There’s people who would give an arm and a leg to have my body.”

And it isn’t just his muscles he spends time carefully cultivating.

He said: “I have a manicure and pedicure every two weeks, and a haircut every Monday and Friday.

“I regularly go to get a tan and I have a posing coach I go and see to help with competition poses.”

Michelle said: “When I first met Buck although he wasn’t into bodybuilding I thought he was a man to whom presentations was important.

“He cared about the way he looked and I like that in a guy.

"He gets his eyebrows and nails done, which I think is fine."

Despite the regimented lifestyle the couple have the full support of their 12-year-old son Kyler.

Michelle added: “He is really proud of what we do and I think we’re even rubbing off on him.

“He’s not like most 12-year-olds he eats like we do and he is never looking to eat hamburgers, pizzas or French fries.

"He likes to eat clean which is great for a kid of his age.”

Kyler added: “I’d love to look like my dad - he’s a bodybuilder so that’s what he’s supposed to look like.

“He’s supposed to look really fit and big and I think I’m catching up to him.”

Despite their incredible physiques the couple claim to not use steroids but say they are common in bodybuilding


“I don’t judge people who take steroids,” said Buck.

“It’s talked about a lot in the inner circles of bodybuilding – I mean I don’t disagree with it and feel it’s a huge part of what the sport is.

“Unfortunately it’s been labelled as a bad thing – I mean it’s not healthy but they could be needed if you’re going to take the sport seriously at a professional level.

“I’ve heard that the side-effects would probably depend on the individual. If you already have a bad temper and you’re irritable then that will raise if you take steroids.

“It increases the function of the human body, the recovery, the muscle production but as far as people getting ‘roid rage – I would imagine they already have bad tempers and shouldn’t be using the drug.”

And their strict lifestyles are fully supported by friends and family.

Buck said: “We have no negativity in our lives. My friend and family are proud of me and my dad comes to all my shows."

Michelle added: “Although it takes up a lot of our time, competing is not number one - my family and child are.

"Competing is a sport and a luxury. If you can balance your regular life out and compete you are winning but if other areas in your life are lacking you shouldn’t be doing it.

"My goal right now is maintaining and building a bit more muscle for the next show.

“Some people get addicted to going bigger but I’ve no problem knowing where to say stop.

"I’m in the fitness category, the next peel up is physique, which is too muscular. I don’t find that attractive to myself."

Despite all their sacrifices to keep themselves at the peak of physical fitness the couple have no regrets and would not change a thing.

“It’s all completely worth it,” added Buck “Who wouldn’t want to look like a million dollars.

“If Michelle wasn’t into bodybuilding there’s no way we’d be able to be married or be together.

“I’m very blessed to have found a wife who is the spitting image of me - but a female version.”

Michelle said: “I do believe Buck has the perfect body - I married him for a reason.

“Who wouldn’t want an eight pack and a small waist with a nice butt and legs.

“We’re different - we stand out. I have yet to see a jacked couple like us.

“I have yet to see a couple that imitates our lifestyle. And we’re not trying to prove anything to anyone it’s just who we are.”

Buck said: “I got into bodybuilding because I wanted to better myself, increase my longevity and inspire people along the way and I’ve been very blessed with the success I have in the short amount of time."

Breakdown of costs:

In the run up to a competition Buck and Michelle can splash £4,000 per month on:

£320 for Michelle’s tailor made competition outfits

Up to £2250 on cosmetics, hair and nails

£30 per month on tanning

£95 per month for gym memberships

£1,000 per month on organic food

£500 per month on supplements

£640 per show for Buck’s competition coach

Registration and accommodation during competitions is anything between £300 and £3000

Buck's daily diet:

Breakfast: six egg whites and cup of oatmeal.

Then he eats every two hours.

Meal two: eight ounces of chicken breast, a cup of white rice or four ounces of sweet potatoes.

Meal three and four: eight ounces of ground turkey a cup of white rice or four ounces of sweet potatoes.

Meal five and six: Top sirloin, no carbs. I’ll have four stalks of asparagus if I get hungry.

As well as six meals a day he takes protein, glutamine and fish oil supplements alongside, amino acids and multivitamins.