Blind Woman Sees Her Baby For The First Time In Seriously Heartwarming Video

Kathy Beitz has been legally blind since she was a child, but thanks to some remarkable technology, she was able to see her son on the day he was born.

A company called eSight Corporation produce special glasses that give legally blind people the ability to see. They loaned Beitz a pair for this very special day.

“For the first baby that I get to actually look at being my own is very overwhelming," Beitz says in the video.

"Even to look at my husband looking at him was such a good feeling. I got to fall in love with him."

According to eSight, the $15,000 glasses "combine a camera, display technology, and advanced computing to deliver a real-time video that enables sight for people with vision loss."

Beitz's older sister Yvonne Felix, who is also legally blind, uploaded the video to YouTube.

Felix told The Huffington Post she was motivated to get the glasses for Beitz as she didn't want her younger sister to miss out on seeing her children like she had.

"Kathy got to see what my struggles were and the things that I missed out on and the things that were hard for me as a parent," she said.

"Something like being able to see your baby when it’s born - I didn’t get that experience.

"When I first tried the glasses, I had a 6-year-old and a 2-month-old, so I still never had those first few moments.

"When Kathy tried the glasses and they worked for her she was five months pregnant, and there was this clairvoyance in both of us realizing that she never has to experience not seeing her baby. She would have a baby, she’d know what he looks like, she’d fill out birth certificate."

This is the second heart-warming story we've heard this week about a mother and baby being able to see each other thanks to the wonders of technology.

A baby named Louise was born with albinism, the condition that affects pigmentation in the skin, eyes and hair. She was able to see her mother for the first time thanks to some snazzy new glasses.

If you haven't already seen the little baby's adorable reaction, you need to watch the video now.

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