UKIP Jelly Babies Lead To Even More Trolling Of Nigel Farage's Party

As grand purveyor of many things strange and pointless, Amazon is now selling tins of Ukip jelly babies.

Costing just £5.50, they deliver the mysterious promise: “This is your chance to bite the head off a Ukip baby.” (Is that a latent desire within us all?)

It then adds: “Did Margaret Thatcher ever say: ‘You kip if you want to?’” in a pun on the former Prime Minister’s: “You turn if you want to” line, which in turn preceded: “The lady’s not for turning”.

“Makes a fun gift for politically aware people, including Nigel Farage. Great idea for a secret Santa.”

As ever, the beauty of this product lies in the reviews –some of which, presumably from Ukip voters, earnestly decried it as “bigoted”, “sick” and a “disgrace”.

One sneering commenter added: “There are no depths to which supporters of the LibLabCon will not sink.”

As is the evolution of such things, the next step saw jokers piling in to mock the Eurosceptic party…

JD: I came across these by accident while searching for some Top Gear Midget Gems. I can only eat traditional BRITISH sweets having found that sucking on anything foreign brings me out in a nasty rash, so I was very pleased to see some UKIP branded goodies. However, I was shocked to find that these are tinned and measured in grams!!! I only eat sweets from little white PAPER bags weighed out in Imperial measurements from large jars from my local village shop in St Ives !! IT's political correctness gone mad, HOW dare the EU tell us how to eat our sweets, It does not take a genius to see this is the fault of the Bleeding heart, loony left, human rights Guardian reading brigade. it's time to close our border and stop the flood of migrants into this once great Country before they ban werther's originals completely. MARCH on PEOPLE's ARMY.

Amazon Customer: After purchasing this tin of jelly babies I separated the different colours into their own little groups then kept the white ones and sent all the other ones back to where they came from (amazon).

Steve Dresden:Jelly Babies in a tin? That's ridiculous - everyone knows that jelly babies should come in a bag. I'm willing to bet that some EU big wig in Brussels is responsible for legislation that means we can't enjoy our jelly babies in a good old-fashioned British bag, and instead have to eat them out of some sort of tin (made by a foreigner as well I'll bet!)

Paul Ward:Jelly babies have always been a favourite in my family but we love especially the black ones. Will there be any in this tin?

David Chambers:It's amazing how a little tin of jelly babies can stir up so much annoyance! These could be improved by having little labels on them indicating which UKIP member they represent :)

PS Just to illustrate that we are not UKIP haters, we'd like to point out you can also buy an I Love Nigel Farage pillow case (currently on sale for £6.99) and a “Spice Up Politics Gift Mug” featuring the UKIP leader’s face in a variety of expressions.

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