02/02/2015 11:56 GMT | Updated 04/02/2015 02:59 GMT

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis' Downing Street Catwalk Verdict

Sashaying down the Downing Street catwalk, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis set Westminster tongues wagging with his untucked shirt, sweeping black leather trench and roguish smile.

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The feisty electric blue shirt is a shade recently styled by Olivia Wilde, Michelle Obama and Amy Poehler. Matthew Matthew McConaughey chose the colour for his suit at the Screen Actors' Guild Awards.

"It's quite a statement shirt for this occasion, it does make a statement, and he's picked a visit to Downing Street to make that statement," says menswear expert Oliver Tezcan, chief executive of The Idle Man and previously a buyer for ASOS.

"The shirt is actually quite a City boy look, it's not as casual as you think, there's definitely a sheen to it which makes it more formal. Underneath, he's actually wearing a black blazer, so it's not in principle that dissimilar to a normal jacket and shirt.

"But it's the little details that make it a statement, there's the tapered black trousers, the biker shoes, and the long wax jacket which looks similar to a Barbour jacket, their international range is quite motorcycle-inspired. For a man of his age, it's certainly bold to go that style."

It's a similar style of outerwear that's been modelled at London Fashion Week by fashion editors from Esquire to GQ and Matches.

Osborne's look is thoughtful in its own way, Tezcan said. "He's a typically English, ex-public schoolboy. The Saville Row navy suit, the lace-up Oxfords, it makes the Greek finance minister look more casual by comparison, because Osborne's style is very sober" Tezcan added. "His haircut is a nod to current fashion, though, it's a Caesar-cut that's inspired a lot of men of a certain age."

The Huffington Post now eagerly awaits the Daily Mail's coverage of Varoufakis' Downing Street entrance tomorrow.

PS. If you'd like to read what they actually talked about, head here.


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