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Stop Everything! UEA Has Opened A Nap Room - And It Even Has Eye Masks

In Need Of A Nap At Uni? Your Prayers (And Dreams) May Have Just Been Answered
The new nap room at UEA
The new nap room at UEA
UEA students union

For too long has the ability to nap on campus been the whimsical fantasy of many a university student. Whether it's to boost the brain after a long night in the library, or to stem the hangover after a spell on the town.

But the University of East Anglia may well have just made all its students' dreams come true - by announcing the opening of a 'nap nook' for people to book a 40 minute sleep slot.

Splashing out on beanbags, eye-masks and even air freshener, the students union opened the new space today after agreeing in November to operate a trial scheme.

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Far from the crumbling, mouldy abyss that is most student housing, welfare officer Holly Staynor described the decor as "a typical hippie-style den" to HuffPost UK.

The room, while decorated with lights and wall-hangings, also has CCTV installed to ensure the safety of those students who opt for a mid-day speedy slumber.

Six happy napping students are currently making full use of the facilities, with slots for the remainder of the day all booked up.

The union said it would review the 'nap nook' in the summer and hopes to increase demand if the pilot scheme is successful.


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