Woman Dragged By Car Into Busy Road After Carjacking In Birmingham

CCTV footage has been released showing a woman being dragged 40 feet into a busy road as she tried to stop a carjacker.

Nikki Law-Priddey, 30, had left her Mini Cooper on to de-ice outside her Birmingham home when a man jumped in and attempted to drive off.

The footage also shows the family dog Pippin running to her aid as a driver ignores her lying in the road.

Pippin chases the stolen car as Nikki hangs from the driver's side door

"She is very lucky that she was not even more seriously injured, or killed," Nikki's sister Becky told the Birmingham Mail.

"We have been circulating pictures of the car in the hope that the person who took it can be found.

"If anyone does see the car we really need them to call police as soon as possible."

The assailant is still on the run, having injured the car's owner as he dragged her into oncoming traffic.

A spokeperson for West Midlands Police said: "The 30-year-old victim was left with a fractured finger and bruising to her back and legs after attempting to prevent the car from being stolen,2

"I can’t believe she’s actually alive," Becky said.

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