Fred Talbot Denies 'Teaching Ian Brown To Masturbate' But Admits Sexual Encounters With Sixth Formers


Last week, Brown told the jury in Talbot's sex abuse trial that his ex-biology teacher told him and fellow 11-year-old classmates how to masturbate and that he also showed a gay porn film in another lesson.

Talbot, 65, who denies claims he indecently assaulted five schoolboys between the late 1960s and early 1980s, dismissed Brown's evidence regarding his time at Altrincham Boys Grammar School.

Fred Talbot denies claims he indecently assaulted five schoolboys between the 1960s-80s

Asked by his barrister, Suzanne Goddard QC, if he recalled Brown's evidence, he replied: "I well recall.

"I don't think it even warrants comment. I think what he said, it was utter rubbish.

"Then he went on about a porn film ... it's just not fair.

"Can you image showing 11-year-olds something like that? Where would I get the films?

"No, I never did."

Talbot, of Bowdon, Greater Manchester, is charged with 10 indecent assaults relating to five schoolboys between the late 1960s and the early 1980s during his former career as a teacher.

Stone Roses singer Ian Brown gave evidence at the indecent assault trial of TV weatherman Fred Talbot last week

Four of the complainants were teenage pupils at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, while the other was said to be a pupil at Eldon High School in Gateshead when Talbot was on placement from the training college.

Talbot denies anything sexual or inappropriate occurring between himself and the Altrincham pupils.

He says consensual sexual activity took place with the Gateshead complainant but that it only happened when the complainant turned 16 as opposed to when he was aged 14 or 15.

Today, as he continued to give evidence in his defence - following his accidental fall from the witness box yesterday - he told the jury he did have "sexual encounters" with "three or four" sixth formers at Altrincham Grammar but said they were all aged 18.

He said he was in his mid-20s at the time and that one of the encounters led to a long-term relationship.

Miss Goddard asked him: "Were you openly gay at Altrincham Grammar School?"

Talbot, who was a regular on the floating weather map in Liverpool's Albert Dock for ITV's top-rating This Morning show, said: "No, you couldn't be.

"I can remember a lad who was in the fifth form when he came out. He had to take his exams on his own.

"It was absolutely frowned upon."

Talbot was a TV regular on the floating weather map in Liverpool's Albert Dock

He said he would "certainly not" discuss his homosexuality with other members of teaching staff.

Talbot said the sexual activity with the sixth formers was "fairly minor". He added: "We just got chatting. These things happen."

Miss Goddard asked: "Did that lead to any long-term relationships?" Talbot said: "It did with one."

The weatherman said he did not wish to name that person.

The Gateshead complainant has told the jury he was 14 when Talbot first indecently assaulted him.

Talbot says the alleged victim had turned 16 when they first had sexual contact and that it was consensual.

He told the court that he noted the occasion in a diary entry about a month after the boy's 16th birthday.

He wrote: "Everything I hoped for occurred but I wonder if this can only mean trouble."

Asked to explain the diary entry, he said: "This was the first time." He said he could not recall the detail of the sexual activity.

Miss Goddard asked him: "How did it progress?

Talbot said: "It lasted another three years. He was my first partner. He was a very important person. Still is."

The court has heard that Talbot said he already had a number of sexual relationships with both men and women by this time.

Miss Goddard asked him what he meant by "first partner".

He said: "Because once I had met him that was it with everyone else."

Talbot went on to say the relationship went "a bit sour" when he decided to move away.

He said: "He was not happy. I went for a few interviews and he came with me. But he was not happy about me leaving.

"I thought we could still stay in touch. I had a car at the time but he was not happy."

He also recalled the complainant being unhappy when he discovered that Talbot had written a dissertation about him as part of his teacher training studies and had not told the complainant.

They later met up again on two occasions in the early 1970s after the complainant wrote to Talbot's mother to say he wanted to get back in touch.

He said he never saw him again after that.

Talbot told the court: "No and he was behind the screens (when giving evidence) so I didn't see him again. It's a real shame."

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