#BrianWilliamsMisremembers Pokes Fun At NBC News Anchor's Lies About Iraq

Internet Takes Aim At Lying NBC News Anchor Brian Williams

Leading US news reporter Brian Williams recently announced he would take a leave of absence after admitting he lied about being on a helicopter that was shot down over Iraq.

In his apology, he claimed he had "misremembered" the details of the incident, which gave the internet all the ammunition it needed.

They began to question that time he said he rode shotgun with JFK:

And his short-lived career as Abraham Lincoln's speech writer:

Twitter users also began to check his Oscar selfie for signs of tampering:

And wanted to find confirmation of Williams' involvement in the D-Day landings:

They checked historical records to see if pizza existed in the first century:

They questioned whether or not he was really one of Tupac's posse:

And they checked footage fromthe Super Bowl halftime show to see if he was really one of Katy Perry's backing dancers:


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