10/02/2015 10:01 GMT | Updated 11/02/2015 04:59 GMT

Gunman Run Over While Hijacking Car In Australia After 93-Mile Police Chase

Australian polices have released footage of an armed man being knocked to the ground by the car he was trying to hijack on a busy motorway.

The unlucky crook had fired his semi-automatic pistol at police officers after they stopped his blue Mitsubishi Lancer with tire-piercing spikes.

He also fired shots at a passing car, causing it to stop suddenly. It was then rear-ended by another vehicle, sending debris across the Pacific Motorway.

Seemingly attempting to hijack a different car, the 32-year-old gunman pointed his weapon towards a vehicle, which struck him and knocked the gun from his hand.

The man and his 20-year-old accomplice were arrested by New South Wales Police.

Police said the vehicle allegedly reached speeds of up to 100mph.

The criminals allegedly carjacked three separate vehicles on the chase, including one from a mother and her baby.

Calin McCabe, 20, and John Tough, 32, have been charged with intent to murder, discharging a firearm to avoid arrest and attempted car-jacking.

The assailants will also face charges under Skye's Law, which increases punishment for high-speed chases. The law has been in place since 19-month-old Skye Sassine died after alleged thieves crashed into her parents' car.