18/02/2015 09:44 GMT | Updated 18/02/2015 09:59 GMT

‘EastEnders' Live Week: Fire Breaks Out On Set After #EELive Episode

Firefighters were called to the ‘EastEnders’ set on Tuesday night, just a few hours after the first live week episode was screened.


The emergency services arrived at 11pm, reports Digital Spy, as there was a “small fire” on set.

eastenders set

The 'EastEnders' Elstree set

According to reports, the accidental fire was caused by a firework, and the incident affected the roof space of one of the Albert Square buildings.

An ‘EastEnders’ spokesperson explains: "There was a very small fire on set on Tuesday night after rehearsals had finished.

“It has not affected any #EELive week plans and nobody was harmed."

Tuesday’s episode included a number of live scenes, and tonight’s (Wednesday 18 February) will feature more.

The first episode of live week was a hit with fans, and over 9 million viewers tuned in to see Peggy Mitchell’s return, and the many developments in the Lucy Beale murder case.

While everything went to plan, actor Jake Wood has been forced to take to Twitter to explain one of his lines.

Hundreds of fans shared their confusion on the social-networking site on Tuesday, claiming it was unclear whether Jake’s character told his daughter Abi “She [Lauren] knows you killed Lucy”, or “who killed Lucy.”

The action continues at 8pm tonight, ahead of the ‘Who killed Lucy?’ reveal on Thursday.


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