18/02/2015 06:23 GMT | Updated 18/02/2015 07:59 GMT

The Telegraph's HSBC Story Brought Out Some Very, Very Unkind Reader Comments (Before They Were Removed)

Unkind reader comments appear to have been swiftly removed by the Telegraph this morning, after it published a short Reuters-authored report on the raid of HSBC's Swiss offices by prosecutors, less than 24 hours after their former chief political commentator Peter Oborne accused them of burying the story.

The story on the Telegraph website

Dozens of reader comments critiquing the paper's coverage of the investigation began appearing as the story was published, but disappeared after about an hour on the site. There is currently no facility to comment on the story.

Here are the comments that were live earlier.

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Peter Oborne quit the Daily Telegraph in sensational style last night, accusing the newspaper of committing fraud on its readers over its coverage (or lack therein) of the HSBC scandal.

On Wednesday morning, Oborne called for an independent investigation into the paper and its advertising department.

Reader comments underneath Oborne's last column, on Universal Credit, also discussed his sensational resignation, though there was more of a mix of opinions.

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And they weren't the only embarrassments on the website this morning: