Tim Stanley even compared the prime minister to a "bad guy" in Ocean's Eleven.
Is it safe to take a balloon ride in Luxor? A South African was killed in a hot air balloon ride in Luxor this past week.
John Cleese has branded the Daily Telegraph a Tory propaganda sheet, after it was fined £30,000 for breaking marketing rules
Warner was quick to respond to Parkinson's comments, saying he's "not sure why anyone would think it derogatory of mentally
In spite of the unprecedented hourly drubbing that the media corps have dealt out on poor old Jeremy Corbyn, the man somehow
Compared with The Sun and The Daily Mail, The Telegraph's front was sober but its headline still boomed: "Nightmare On Downing
The Telegraph is a "failing" newspaper, MP Tom Watson has said in an attack on what he called a "disingenuous, lazy" editorial
Despicable Me 2 had its rating upped from two stars to three to appease the advertising department, a Daily Telegraph source
Unkind reader comments appear to have been swiftly removed by the Telegraph this morning, after it published a short Reuters
By examining too little - i.e. the narrow scope of one set of data - a bias is ushered in through the backdoor.