DJ Speedo Shy And DiscoBoy Rave It Up In Asda, Huddersfield

DJ Holds Impromptu Half-Naked Rave In ASDA

Probably the best thing to ever happen in Huddersfield, or a branch of Asda.

The highlight is the security man's song request - although we haven't been able to find "Turn It Off Please" on the iTunes store.

DiscoBoy has previously made headlines for his supermarket raves, putting on an impromptu disco in a Whitstable Tesco and pumping the bass at a Morrison’s at Herne Bay.

An Asda spokesperson said: "As much as we appreciate a good joke, the unexpected items in the bagging area actually broke the bagging area.

"We’d ask our customers to use our checkouts to pay for their shopping and not to showcase their dance moves."

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