Britain First Held A 'Britannia Ball' In Wigan And Barely Anyone Showed Up

Britain First Held A 'Britannia Ball' And Barely Anyone Showed Up

How many people make a ball?

It's a question without a definitive answer but when you make yourself out to be a political party "with the support of 600,00 people", we're going to have a stab at around 500.


So it was an odd choice by the perennially paranoid CAPS-LOCK proponents Britain First to hold a a flagship event in a little boozer in Wigan.

So lets have a look at how it went.

Well, there were these six (we're not sure if the two in the back were there on purpose UPDATE- It's since been pointed out by an eagle-eyed reader that the one on the left is on fact in the picture below).

And there were these five...

This one (the one on the right was in the last photo...)

And there were these.... no wait, they've all been counted.

Ok, so to be generous and bump up the numbers we're going to include this chap (not the police officers).

And there's a photo here showing some weird medal ceremony with another three people including their illustrious leader Paul Golding.

So that's a grand total of 16. And someone must have been taking the pictures so let's say 17.

17. max.

Bangin' turnout.

To be honest, a significant dearth of numbers is a running theme in Britain First events.

Here they are in Margate on Saturday.

They even admit their "small size" here.

And here...


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