These Awesome People Prove You Don't Need To Worry About What Your Ink Will Look Like In 50 Years

Anti-inkers are always saying "Don't you ever think what it will look like when you're old?".

Now people with tattoos don't need to worry. Courtesy of Imgur, here's a bunch of elderly people who look totally awesome with their body art.

And here's even more, for your viewing pleasure:

Biker Profile

Older people with tattoos

These old folks might look totally badass, but there's some tattoos you might end up regretting a lot sooner.

This is Holly Aston and after two years of hiding in the shadows, avoiding bikinis and basically any flesh-revealing attire, she has revealed her shame to all the world:

Thankfully she's now had her tattoo removed.

The backstory: Aston bought a tattoo gun off the internet for £50 and held drunken tattoo parties with her friends (who also did her the service of etching the word “dyke” on one ankle).

And there's always the guy who got this error-riddled Bon Jovi ink:

Is it real? We can't tell. The post's author claims it's her boyfriend's ink - and she's forced to see the enraging typos every day.

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