Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear Fracas Sees Trolls Attack Alleged Victim Oisin Tymon

Twitter trolls have attacked the Top Gear producer whom Jeremy Clarkson is accused of assaulting, saying he "deserved" it and should be sacked.

In what is becoming a depressingly predictable part of prolonged Twitterstorms, trolls with no knowledge of what has actually happened have started to say the alleged victim, Oison Tymon, is the one to blame:

Clarkson has been suspended and the remaining three episodes of Top Gear have been shelved, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Clarkson is accused of attacking Tymon after the producer failed to secure hot food.

Close to 850,000 have signed a petition calling for his reinstatement.

Since the news broke, Clarkson has told a group of photographers outside his home he is heading the job centre, admitted he thinks he’ll be sacked and changed his Twitter bio to “I am probably a presenter on the BBC2 motoring show,Top Gear.”

The trolls' attacks on Tymon appalled other tweeters, one of whom called them "scumbags".

Some told Clarkson, who has been intermittently active on Twitter since his suspension, to publicly call on supporters to stop picking on Tymon.

As this article went live, Clarkson had not replied.

His only tweet since the scandal broke has been:

He also retweeted someone, who asked the BBC: