Boeing Just Patented An Actual Force Field

Boeing Just Patented An Actual Force Field

Despite being called a 'shockwave attenuation system', it's abundantly clear that what it actually is, is a force field.

While it won't create a pretty bubble, or indeed stop bullets, the force field has specifically been designed to neutralise the effects of a shockwave from a blast.

While the explosion itself can cause huge close-range damage, the resulting shockwave is enough to shatter ear drums, cause severe internal damage and worse, all from a distance.

To combat this, Boeing plans to use a sensor that can detect an explosion, the sensor then relays the location and intensity of the blast to an 'arc generator'. It then rapidly heats the air around the person or object that needs protecting, this 'changes its temperature, density and composition', effectively creating a buffer between the shockwave and the intended target.

The patent is incredibly comprehensive, covering all manner of different deployment options from using laser beams, microwaves or even electrical currents to change the air's composition.

it's hard to imagine this becoming a reality for some time, however with the development of railguns now fully underway, the future of warfare is looking more and more like a science fiction film every day.


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