Jeremy Clarkson's Sacking Brings Horrific Abuse For Top Gear Producer Oisin Tymon

These Tweets About Jeremy Clarkson's Victim Will Make You Despair For Humanity

The man verbally and physically abused by Jeremy Clarkson has been receiving a torrent of hate online, including death threats for his part in "causing Clarkson's suspension".

Oisin Tymon, who was left with a bloodied lip after the 'fracas', spoke out on Wednesday about his involvement in the situation, which occurred after he failed to secure a hot meal for the 'Top Gear' star.

Despite being punched in the face, racially assaulted and left with blood running down his chin, the tweets about him are just making us despair for humanity.

Just to bring this into context, these people are saying these things because they can't watch a TV show anymore.

For reference: Clarkson reported the incident, Tymon didn't.

They're threatening a man with murder because he was physically assaulted at work.

Surely these people would feel the same way if they were punched and verbally abused by their own bosses?

The man had to go to A&E because he has blood running down his face, yet people are threatening to do worse to him just because they can't watch a specific man drive cars at a specific time of the week.

Yes, by all means, let us hope for a man to be jobless and homeless because his boss had a cold meal instead of a hot one. That's a crime against humanity.

Oh no, not the ratings!

To everyone featured in this article so far, here's the Wikipedia page for "Victim Blaming", and here's why you shouldn't do it.

This is painful.

What an awful state of affairs.

But at least there were a lot of people pointing out how dismal the entire thing was.

 Katie Hopkins

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