These Are The Biggest Things In The Universe

These Are The Biggest Things In The Universe

Trying to visualise the universe is impossible, in fact it's widely accepted that anyone who comes even close to managing the task ends up suffering a massive headache and the overwhelming desire to sit down with a cup of tea and watch 'The Antiques Roadshow'.

Instead, try to visualise the largest objects within the universe, such as the planet Wasp-178, twice the size of Jupiter and yet many times lighter. Why? Because it has the consistency of those polystyrene cups you get at motorway food vans. No really, it does.

Wasp-178 is just one of a number of incredible objects that -- thanks to our own visualisation of the solar system -- can finally be visualised for just how mind-alteringly massive they truly are. Enjoy, and make sure you have a cup of tea handy just in case.

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