27/03/2015 10:48 GMT | Updated 27/03/2015 10:59 GMT

Five Pretty Extreme CV Lies

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A look at 3,000 CVs by a group of employee screening experts found a whopping 63% contained "discrepancies"- a rise of 15% in the last decade.

The Risk Advisory Group found 25 to 32 year olds are the worst offenders.

Here's five of the most extreme fibs:

  • A senior compliance applicant creating a fictional employment history to cover up a past misdemeanour involving time served in prison for stealing client money
  • A candidate building a website for a fictional school and arranging for a virtual office to answer calls acting as the school, all to create an inflated academic background in a desperate bid to secure a work experience placement with a leading bank
  • A candidate creating a work history overseas to cover up the time he spent in prison for drug offences
  • Candidates forging degree certificates
  • Candidates presenting degrees from bogus universities in India, Pakistan and, increasingly, the UAE

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