Moscow Accuses Washington Of 'Frenzied' Propaganda Campaign Of 'Russophobic Lampoons' Via The Media

Moscow has accused the US of engaging in a "frenzied anti-Russian campaign" of propaganda via the media and political analysts during Russia’s prolonged conflict in Ukraine.

Reuters reported on Friday that the Russian Foreign Ministry said "propagandists", under the sway of Washington were responsible for producing "Russophobic lampoons, carefully building an image of Russia as an enemy, instilling hatred of anything Russian in ordinary people."

Relations between the White House and the Kremlin have sunk to their lowest ebb since the Cold War, with the West accusing President Vladimir Putin of trying to destabilse Ukraine through the backing of separatists in the east. Likewise, Russia has accused the West of plotting to overthrow Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych, a politician heavily linked to Moscow.

Now both sides are seemingly engaged in an information war to demonise the other side, while the West has also imposed sanctions on Russia following its annexation of the Crimean peninsula in March last year.

Ukraine In Ruins