Apocalypse 'Survival Condo' Is A Penthouse That Can Survive Nuclear War

Survive The Impending Apocalypse In Style

When the impending apocalypse comes, do you want to be stuck huddled inside a mountain along with thousands of others while whatever it is that's ravaging the planet comes and goes?

No, of course you don't, you would much rather be putting in some laps at the pool in your personal 'Survival Condo' because, who wouldn't.

With that utterly bizarre approach to survival planning in mind, you'll be pleased to hear that a 'Survival Condo' exists, ironically placed inside a nuclear missile silo.

The 'Luxury Survival Condo' can comfortably house up to 75 people in absolute luxury while all hell breaks loose up on the surface.

There's individual living areas, luxury en-suite bedrooms, a pool and even a gym. Of course the converted silo has been built with every eventuality in mind. How much? Well they start at around $2m so you might need to start saving.

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