The Top 10 Men's Fitness Channels On YouTube For Motivation, Exercise Tutorials And Diet Tips

10 Men's Fitness Channels You Must Follow To Smash Your Pecs

There are thousands of fitness videos on YouTube, so finding the best ones for tips and fitspiration can sometimes be difficult.

To save you hours of searching, the Top X team from WatchMojo have compiled a list of the best fitness channels for men.

They've based their chart on subscriber numbers, views and votes from their own Top X followers.

Kali's channel is all about motivation. He was inspired to bulk up and turn his life around while spending some time in prison, so he's full of tips on how to work out with limited equipment.

BUFF stands for Better Understanding of Food and Fitness. The channel includes gym tips, fully explained workouts and healthy recipes.

This channel is no longer publishing new videos, but with over 12,000 clips already on YouTube, it still made the list. The channel's host, Elliot, strives to help viewers become "the strongest version of themselves". It's all about motivation and mind over matter.

With the motto 'Lead, Inspire, Change', the Barstarzz want to help you get fit, without any fancy equipment or pricey gym memberships.

This channel is more like a lifestyle blog. Viewers are invited to follow host Chris Jones before and after the gym - he's a pretty funny guy and will give you tips on everything from pre-workout snacks to dating.

Host Jeff Cavaliere has worked with some of America's top athletes. His detailed videos will help you tackle specific problem areas, while making sure you don't get injured.

Scott Herman updates his channel on a weekly schedule, helping you to get into a fitness routine. The videos are longer than most, but that's because they're packed full of detail.

This guy swears. A lot. But he'll sure get you motivated to lift more. This channel won't necessarily teach you a lot, but it will help get you in the right mindset for a workout.

This channel is hosted by twins Keith and Kevin. The pair post useful tips and workout videos, but what really makes them stand out is their blog element. They answer questions from their fans and add in their own personal anecdotes.

Mike will talk you through absolutely everything you need to know relating to six packs. From the best times to eat to what workout to complete, this guy's got your back.