Green Party Makes 'Change The Tune' Boyband Video For General Election 2015

The Green Party Wants You To Take It Seriously So It Made A Boyband Video

Because this isn't already the weirdest General Election in history, the Green Party have taken a novel new approach to the campaign: making a boyband video.

In what is quite frankly three minutes 40 seconds of utter weirdness, four men who bear a passing resemblance to the four main party leaders (don't panic, they have colour-coded ties to help you figure out who's who) prance around singing about the biggest issues in UK politics.

The song, entitled Change The Tune, is trying to point out that all the other parties sound the same, according to the Greens.

Because this General Election hasn't been weird enough already...

The broadcast opens with 'David Cameron' seated at a grand piano, singing:

Have you ever wondered /

Why I sound just like my deputy? /

Does he seem redundant /

Or do I? (oh baby) /

The group of crooning politicians then dance their way through scenes including a private members' club and a polling station, as any sensible statesman can regularly be seen doing.

Lyrics for the bizarre tune include catchy lines such as:

Step into the booth /

Look down and face the truth /

A vote for me’s the same as a vote for /

Any of us guys (any of us guys).

David Cameron tinkling on the ivories - not a sight we ever thought we'd see

The 'politicians' prance around in various scenes

Each of the party leaders points in turn to another, proclaiming: “He’ll fire all your docs and nurses / He’ll clamp down on public service / He sold the railways to companies / And we all agree on tuition fees!

They then chorus:

Let’s sell off the parts of this broken nation /

Let’s shut the door on immigration /

And if a few companies don’t pay tax (tax!) /

Let’s not grumble – what’s the harm in that (There’s no harm, baby!)

'Ed Miliband' tells the group: “Let’s frack this green and pleasant land", while 'Nick Clegg urges him: "Come on, Eddie, join the band (Come on, Eddie!)"

The Labour leader's doppelgänger then passionately sings: "The public won’t know what to do / If they have to pick from me and you!"

The group then does a passable version of the Macarena to the words: "The choice between us couldn’t be clearer / Oxford! Cambridge! Diversity for ya.”

And of course, don't forget the ever-hummable chorus: “It’s sweeter when we all agree / A party-political harmony / Lose your voting inhibitions / Join the one true coalition.”

Nigel Farage hits the high notes

Unfortunately not long after the vital key-change, some kill-joy cuts off the warbling with an explanation of what the Green Party actually stands for and how they are different.

Someone always has to spoil the fun...

But don't worry, the Greens are offering a free download of the soon-to-be smash hit in exchange for an email address.

Following the release of the song, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said: “For many years the Establishment parties have been singing from the same hymn sheet.

“The Westminster consensus – which sees all other parties sign up to austerity economics, privatisation of our public services and inaction on climate change – is coming to an end. The Green Party is offering a real alternative to business-as-usual politics.

“We want an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. That means bringing in a Living Wage of £10 an hour by 2020 and fair taxes on rich individuals and Britain’s biggest corporations.

“Voting Green on May 7th is a chance for people to play their part in breaking open the political harmony of the Establishment parties.”

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