Careers Advice Video Shows Unemployed Girl Told To Get Pregnant And Claim Benefits

“For someone in your position, from your background, the best thing to do is get pregnant.”

“What about dealing drugs? You’ll earn a lot of money quickly, you don’t have to a 9-5.”

“Do you know how to hotwire a car?”

Not the sort of thing most young people would expect to hear when they go careers advice.

But that’s exactly what a number of candidates under 24 were told went they went to speak to what they thought was a careers adviser in Hackney, London.

Those featured said that they wanted to work in trades including accountancy, painting and decorating, personal training, fashion and beauty, banking and retail.

The 'careers adviser' hands out his recommendations

Unknown to them, however, the ‘advisor’ was actually an actor.

The set-up was in fact part of a thought-provoking new video to challenge stereotypes associated with young people.

Far from agreeing with the recommendations, the reactions of those involved revealed a completely different work ethic to the idea of living off benefits or the proceeds of crime.

From horrified stares to full-on storm-outs, the young people all appeared utterly shocked at the ‘advice’ they were given.

“I’m not really the sort of person to sit around doing nothing,” one said.

“You have to help yourself for help to come to you,” another added.

One man was told: “You’re in a good position because I presume you can get benefits.”

He replied: “That’s not me, I like to be out working.”

A candidate looks horrified at the advice

Another candidate who was told to give drug-dealing a try responded: “I wasn’t brought up like that.”

Asked about his strengths, another replied: “The passion to do more than just sign on.”

The clip is part of youth employment charity Circle’s Jobs For The Jobless Generation campaign, backed by Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden.

Another candidate simply stormed out

Circle’s founder Turly Humphreys explained: “There’s a huge problem facing young people today with over one million unemployed in the UK and 311 million worldwide.

“It’s not just a lack of opportunities that face young people. A recent report by Demos highlighted that negative stereotyping in the media and in society at large is damaging their chances.

“Jobs For The Jobless Generation uses the prejudices many face as a way into talking about the larger issues of youth unemployment.”