Youth Unemployment

Coronavirus lockdown means we are now running the risk of a whole generation 'failing to launch', Tristram Hooley writes.
Risks faced by businesses are global and are exacerbated by diverse, disruptive influences.
The African continent is home to a large number of young people – and it simply doesn’t have jobs for them all.
It’s not enough any longer to simply want to learn.
The truth is that even the educationally privileged in the Class of 2017 will find the post-school environment severely lacking in job opportunities.
Strategic interventions must be backed by solid data –– women's empowerment matters, but unemployed youth, regardless of gender, are key to food security.
Government’s noisy rhetoric on its initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of the youth is like popular deep house beats with no lyrics.
Kenyan young people are moving away from the conventional white-collar employment opportunities and embracing entrepreneurship.
Governments need to offer the private sector incentive schemes that encourage recruiting young graduates.