‘Britain's Got Talent': Talking Dog Miss Wendy Was NOT Distressed During Audition, States Owner Marc Metral

'BGT' 'Talking Dog' Owner Responds To Animal Welfare Concerns

Marc Metral, the owner of Miss Wendy the talking dog, has denied claims that the pooch was distressed during their ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audition.

The duo were one of the stand-out acts during Saturday’s ‘BGT’, however, the act drew criticism from the RSPCA, who stated they were concerned over whether Wendy was distressed during the performance.

The French ventriloquist and his 'talking' dog Miss Wendy

“She loves performing and I would never put her in a situation that would cause her distress.

“She gets excited when we work and is always comfortable on stage.”

The RSPCA’s concern followed a debate over Marc’s methods, and the organisation suspected that the dog was wearing a mask that covered her snout.

"It is not clear if Miss Wendy was wearing any sort of muzzle or mask during the performance on ‘Britain's Got Talent’, however the RSPCA would be very concerned if it became clear that she was caused distress at any point,” they stated. "We will be contacting the show to ascertain what methods were used and how they impacted on the dog.”

The mask method has been used on ‘Got Talent’ before however, the 2012 ‘America’s Got Talent’ dog Irving did not wear a mask that covered his snout. Instead, it was attached to the bottom of his face.

The ‘BGT’ team are yet to respond to the RSPCA’s comments, and Marc and Wendy are due to appear in the next round of the competition.

Remind yourself of their audition below…


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