Daily Mail's Sarah Vine Lambasted For Calling Ed Miliband 'Giant A*se'

Justine Miliband and Samantha Cameron are choosing to steer clear of the mud-slinging in the General Election campaign, but Sarah Vine has taken it upon herself to fight an all-out war on Labour.

Daily Mail columnist Vine tweeted her support for Tory Chief Whip (and husband) Michael Gove during his grilling on Newsnight on Tuesday night.

But the result became another personal attack on Ed Miliband.

...which triggered this angry response from other tweeters.

Left-wing author and traditional foe of the Tory Party Owen Jones attacked her as "vile".

Author Toby Jones accused the Guardian's Jones of double-standards, saying newspaper's cartoonist draws David Cameron as a penis, implying this was in the same ballpark for Vine's tweets.

For the record, Bell actually draws Cameron as a condom.

Vine was clearly undeterred by the response to her tweet, adding:

Vine had already called Miliband's wife Justin Thornton an "alien" and "Mr Spock" for having two kitchens in her house, something she was taken to task for by former conservative minister Michael Portillo.

On The Daily Politics Show, Portillo told Vine: "Newspapers want you to write that vile stuff. That lady has done nothing wrong in life apart from she happens to be married to the leader of the opposition. To compare her to an alien is in my view not justified. It was pretty bitchy about the kitchen too."