General Election 2015 Billboards Mix-Up As Labour And Tory Candidates Faces In Wrong Constituencies

Two election candidates have been left red-faced after their campaign posters went up dozens of miles from their constituencies.

Confused locals spotted a billboard in Carlisle emblazoned with the face of the Labour candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood Cat Smith - 58 miles away.

But Smith's geography was not nearly as bad as a Tory candidate on the other side of the country - whose poster ended up 150 miles from her County Durham constituency, and was put up in Cleethorpes.

Lee Sherriff, Labour's candidate in Carlisle, said she found the mix-up amusing. “Of course it is funny, but anyone with any sense is going to realise it is an error," she told the local News&Star newspaper.

"It’s not like Carlisle and Lancaster are close to each other either in the alphabet or geographically.

“I think enough people know me when they open the door and see me,” she said.

Voters took a more dim view in Cleethorpes, where the poster promised "jobs and opportunities in North West Durham" - presumably if they wanted to move more than a 100 miles from their homes.

Local voter Judy Briggs told the Grimsby Telegraph: "What has that got to do with us? It is not relevant to this area. I wouldn't vote Conservative anyway."

Conservative candidate for Cleethorpes, Martin Vickers told the paper he was taking on the chin: "It's nothing to do with me. They are allocated to a PR company. I know nothing about it. It is obviously a mistake.

"It is a national company which organises it. The company which is going around the country has made a mistake."