Mum Loses More Than Three Stone In Six Months By Using A Hypnosis App To Kickstart Weight Loss

When Andrea Lindsay accompanied her husband Rob at a work event, she didn't understand why his colleagues - who she had always got on well with - were being frosty towards her.

She later found out they didn't recognise her after she lost over three stone in six months by using a hypnosis app.

"After losing the weight and dying my hair, they just didn't recognise me and thought that Rob had brought another woman with him!" she said, according to the MailOnline.

"They had no idea who I was and had asked their friends where Andrea from last year was and why I wasn't with Rob."

Lindsay, 43, went from a size 18 to a size 10-12 after downloading an app to help with weight loss.

The mother-of-one had tried many "fad diets" in the past, but after discovering the app - called Easy Loss' Virtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast - she went from 14st to 10st 5lb.

The app includes six sessions of hypnotherapy as well as weight loss tips and a food and photo diary.

Lindsay didn't have the motivation to stick to previous diets because she didn't have any health complications, but the app has helped her become more mindful about what she's eating.

Andrea Lindsay before losing weight

"The ethos of my new lifestyle is that I don't stick to traditional meal times. I eat whenever I'm hungry, as soon as I'm hungry and stop eating as soon as I'm no longer hungry," she said.

"If we went out for breakfast before I would have a fry up, now I have something lighter like eggs Benedict."

According to the NHS, there is only "limited evidence" that hypnotherapy can help people lose weight.

"No firm conclusions can be made, because the studies are generally only small and of poor quality," the NHS website states.

"That doesn't mean hypnotherapy won't help you - but if you wish to try it, be aware of the relevant safety and regulation issues."

Lindsay, who has also taken up hot yoga, says hypnotherapy has made her feel better than ever about her body.

She said: "I go away on Saturday and this is the first time I have actually felt body confident. I've spent £700 on a new holiday wardrobe, and I can't wait to wear everything."

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