David Cameron 'Would Not Share Sofa' With SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon On Marr Show

Better Apart? David Cameron Refuses To Share Sofa With Nicola Sturgeon

Despite his trills of “Better Together” last summer, it seems David Cameron isn’t even keen on sharing a sofa with Nicola Sturgeon.

The SNP leader today revealed the Prime Minister was keen to avoid even sitting next to her when they both appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

In fact, poor Nicola seems to have it coming from all angles today after Boris Johnson also took a pop at her in a rather colorful column for the Telegraph.

Is it just us or is this getting a bit awkward?

The Mayor of London likened a government involving a coalition with the SNP to King Herod running a baby farm or a convicted jewel thief taking care of the Tower of London.

He also described her as the potential Lady Macbeth to Ed Miliband’s Macbeth, describing her party as “Lefties on steroids”.

When asked her opinion on the comments at the launch of the SNP manifesto, Sturgeon said that the comparisons drawn by Johnson were “entirely offensive”.

She added: “It will be treated as such not just by people in Scotland but people across the UK, who - in my experience of ordinary people the length and breadth of the UK - do not see Scotland in that way at all and do not even see the SNP in that way at all.”

Her reactions was greeted by rapturous applause at the event in Edinburgh.

Speaking at the launch today, she also vowed that voters in Scotland would make their voice heard at Westminster "more loudly than it has ever been".

However she did also tell voters south of the border: "Although you can't vote SNP your views do matter to me and you have a right to know what to expect of my party if the votes of the Scottish people give us influence in a hung parliament.

"If the SNP emerges from this election in a position of influence we will exercise that influence responsibly and constructively, and we will always seek to exercise it in the interests of people not just in Scotland but across the whole of the UK."

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