David Cameron Hits Out At 'Annoying' Media During Photo Opportunity At Children's Nursery

The general election campaign is far from over, but it seems Prime Minister David Cameron is already sick of having his picture taken.

While taking a seat at a children's play table at the Advantage Children's Day Nursery in Surbiton, Surrey, today Cameron finally let the media know what he really thinks of them.

In between arranging puzzle pieces with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and explaining the education sector in the simplest of terms to the children, one pupil piped up with a question.

"Why are the cameras here," Stephanie, three, asked.

As the cameras fired away, Cameron replied: "Why are they taking pictures? I know, it is quite annoying, it is for the newspapers. They'll go away in a minute if we finish the puzzle."

Johnson then chirped in with, "they think we can't finish it".

It started off so well, just a bit of painting

Boris and David Cameron Visit To Nursery

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