New Zealand Prime Minister John Key Apologises For Pulling Waitress' Hair

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has apologised to a waitress for repeatedly pulling her hair in a bizarre schoolboy-like incident.

A waitress from a cafe in Auckland revealed that she had been on the receiving end of John Key’s unwanted attention in an anonymous blog.

She wrote: “No one else had ever thought it was ok to walk into the cafe and pull the waitresses hair, so why did the Prime Minister think it was ok? My reasoning was simple, I could tell him that I didn’t like it – but I shouldn’t HAVE to.

“He was like the school yard bully tugging on the little girls’ hair trying to get a reaction, experiencing that feeling of power over her.

The woman said that John Key repeatedly pulled her ponytail

"I would think to myself, even a five year old could tell you that if you pull on a girls’ hair she will not like it, I shouldn’t have to tell THE PRIME MINISTER that I don’t like it when he pulls my hair – talk about stating the obvious!”

She went on to describe her feelings of annoyance, embarrassment and eventually anger and noted a time when she felt so “powerless and tormented” that she “cried frustrated tears” in a back room.

The waitress said that she tried to speak to Key, as well as his wife and security staff about his inappropriate behaviour but that nothing changed.

She eventually snapped at the Prime Minister, telling him “Please STOP or I will actually hit you soon!”.

She said that Key eventually apologised for his actions and presented her with two bottles of personalised wine.

According to the BBC, the politician told reporters that he had "a very warm and friendly relationship" with staff at the cafe where "we have lots of fun and games there, there's always lots of practical jokes and things".

In a statement, Key’s office said: "His actions were intended to be light-hearted.

“It was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable and he has apologised to her."


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