Comedienne Tamale Rocks Discovers Two-Way Mirror In Club's Women's Toilets

Comedienne Discovers Two-Way Mirror In Women's Toilets

Using the toilet is definitely a private affair, unless you're in a comedy club in Illinois that is.

When comedienne Tamale Rocks went to use the ladies' room in a club she'd been performing in, she made a disturbing discovery - then filmed it.

Rocks found a two-way mirror had been placed opposite the toilet. Behind the mirror was a small closet with the door cut out.

The set up would effectively allow people behind the door to spy on women doing their business, should they so chose.

"Women are often told that we are 'paranoid', that the extra precautions we take are 'excessive'. We are not. We engage in varying levels of due diligence, because if (or more likely when) something happens, we are the ones blamed," Rocks writes in a YouTube description of the video.

"If something doesn't happen (that time), we are written off as 'acting crazy' and 'overreacting'. When something does happen, it is common to blame and shame the person it happened to, instead of holding the person who committed the violation accountable."

She goes on to say that she wondered whether or not to come forward with the video.

"I was more torn apart by the possible social ramifications around 'causing trouble' by exposing it than the fact that it existed. This self-doubt is problematic and a product of rape culture," she says.

Rocks confronted the club's manager, who apparently sees her video as "free publicity" for his establishment.

"He acknowledges that the mirror is there and knows that the door is unlocked," Rocks says.

"He explained it as being a continuation of the creepy funhouse theme of his establishment. It used to feature a monster head that lit up through the two-way mirror, scaring ladies as they used the restroom."