Google Wants To Replace The Space Bar

Is Google Replacing The Space Bar?

Google has recently been granted a patent in the US that could revolutionise keyboards by do away with the space bar once and for all.

The patent would effectively remove the space bar entirely, replacing it with a heightened trackpad that features a partition for the space bar.

As demonstrated with Apple's new MacBook, hardware manufacturers are hindered by the sheer amount of real estate that a full-size keyboard and trackpad requires.

While the MacBook arguably shows the design at its most portable, Google wants to take things a step further by raising the trackpad into the keyboard.

According to Quartz (who discovered the patent), the trackpad would include sensors that could tell the difference between when the user wanted a trackpad or space bar.

While it's no indication of future products to come, the fact remains that as screens are now becoming wide by default, the space for a keyboard and mouse is rapidly decreasing.


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