Nicola Sturgeon Looks Very Presidential Next To Her New General Election Helicopter

The Yes campaign might not have won the referendum, but independence campaigners got a taste of what life under a SNP head of state might look like today in the form of Nicola Sturgeon's brand new helicopter.

Looking every bit the president or prime minister, the First Minister of Scotland was pictured boarding her personalised chopper at the Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh, as she campaigned ahead of the General Election.

Nicola Sturgeon's New Helicopter

Sturgeon claimed today that the Scottish Sun's endorsement of the SNP in next week's General Election was "another boost" for her party's campaign.

In a front page along a Star Wars theme, the headline reads "Stur Wars" and Nicola Sturgeon is portrayed as Princess Leia.

Asked whether she was pleased to be portrayed as the Princess, Ms Sturgeon said: "I think I'll carry on being leader of SNP and campaign hard.

"I welcome the endorsement of the (Scottish) Sun. It's another boost for the SNP campaign, the first tabloid newspaper to support us in this election.

"But the support that really matters is the support of people right across Scotland and we'll be working hard every single day between now and next Thursday to say to people, if you want Scotland's voice to be heard, the only way to ensure that is to vote SNP and to send a big team of SNP MPs to stand up for Scotland and to stand up for better politics at Westminster, for the benefit of people right across the UK."

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy said: "Sun readers down south are being told to go out and vote for the Tories and Sun readers in Scotland are being told to go out and vote for the SNP, either way you end up with the same thing - a Tory government.

"Only Labour is big enough, only Labour is strong enough to beat the Tories.

"Rupert Murdoch doesn't tell us how we vote. Rupert Murdoch is desperate for the Labour party to be defeated but I've got a greater confidence in the people of our country, north and south of the border, that Rupert Murdoch doesn't decide our elections any more."

And for the record, here's President Obama waving as he prepares to board Marine One.

How it's done: President Obama prepares to board his helicopter Marine One