Scotland Independence

Perhaps Ruth Davidson's Conservatives are that voice - so do not offer any more life support through tactical votes for Labour and instead back Unionism if you oppose the SNP. Then finally we can start on the road to resolving the independence question once and for all.
May and Sturgeon are engaged in a high stakes game, with the future of the Union at stake. Neither of them can feel confident that they hold a winning hand. Somebody needs to try something different.
It is a political, social, economic and cultural construct that should be the model for the European Union to emulate. It would be a real waste, and an exercise in pure political vanity, to want to exercise that political freedom in such a self-destructive manner.
The SNP need to focus on protecting Scottish public services, Scottish education and the Scottish economy. Rather, they are fruitlessly chasing ambitions of an independent Scotland - one that, time and time again, the Scottish people have shown they do not want.
The EU is a political project that seeks to bind European nations together. That's fine, but Scots should be aware they would be trading one type of political union for another.