Rolf Harris' Daughter Bindi Nicholls Calls Her Father 'Kind, Sweet, Honest' In Call For Case Review

The daughter of paedophile Rolf Harris has said her father is a "kind, sweet, honest man" who was wrongfully jailed.

Harris was jailed for nearly six years for carrying out a string of sex attacks on girls as young as seven or eight.

His trial heard evidence from his victims who told how the abuse had "haunted" them with one describing how he made her feel "dirty, grubby and disgusting".

Bindi Nicholls (left) with her father and mother Alwen outside court during the trial

But his daughter Bindi Nicholls is campaigning to clear his name and a petition on is calling for authorities to "review the case as a matter of urgency".

In a post on the petition's website, she wrote: "Rolf Harris is my father, I have known him all my life, he is a kind sweet, honest man on stage and off.

"He has worked tirelessly all his life to bring joy, laughter, inspiration and happiness to all he meets. He is a workaholic, work is his priority and he lives to entertain.

"I have never witnessed him being interested in children in that way, EVER.

"In public he is more interested in getting groups of people singing or telling jokes than skulking off with one person, he is just nothing like the man the press have been portraying him to be.

"All of his dear friends are shocked and desperately upset that he has been tarred by the propaganda out there. He has been swept up in a witch hunt because of his high profile and celebrity! A total travesty at his age."

So far, 217 people have signed the petition. It was launched two weeks ago.

Prosecutors are deciding whether to pursue further charges against him.

Rolf Harris through the ages