BAE Systems Are Essentially Building An 'Iron Man' Helmet For Soldiers

BAE Systems has unveiled a new 'Iron Man' style combat helmet that'll allow soldiers to see the world with night vision and thermal imaging at the same time.

Despite having the world's most boring name (ENVG III/FWS-I) the helmet is actually pretty incredible. The wearer will primarily see the world in night vision. However thanks to a new wireless receiver built into both the weapon and the helmet, the solder can now see the weapon's thermal imaging sight as a separate window within his peripheral vision.

What this essentially means is that a soldier can effectively aim the weapon without ever having to raise the gun to his eyes as he's already seeing what the gun is seeing.

The idea behind this is to increase the U.S. Army's stealth capabilities by completely removing the need for laser sights on covert missions.

Of course BAE hasn't stopped there as the helmet now contains better optics and lower battery consumption so you'll be able to see further, for longer.

BAE has already built a helmet that allows fighter pilots to see through their own aircraft, the 'Iron Man' style helmet we've all been hoping for is probably not that far off.

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