World's First 'Truly Personal' Sex Toy Changes Shape In Response To Your Body

Another day, another new (and somewhat technologically advanced) sex toy.

Heralded by its makers as the "world's first truly personal sex toy", Crescendo is an adult toy which can be moulded to suit your body.

Unlike your average Joe dildo, this adult toy has evolved one step further and can reportedly change and adapt to your mood, while also changing shape to maximise on the way your body works.

In fact it could probably take any shape you want (okay maybe not balloon animals) while also vibrating "the way your mood desires".

Admittedly the video for the sex toy (above) looks like they're unleashing some kind of Iron-Man-esque weapon into the world rather than a bendy vibrator, but it does seem pretty advanced.

According to its UK-based makers, MysteryVibe, the toy has been five years in the making and is now being crowdfunded - although it's still got 75% of its target until it's made into reality.

The description for Crescendo practically makes being in a relationship redundant.

"We know that the best partners move and respond to your every touch," they say. "They adapt, change, and learn – without any buttons.

"So we wanted to take that adaptability and bring something revolutionary to pleasure: a brand and device that is responsive to you – no matter what your mood, location or occasion."

It seems like merging sex and tech could be an interesting move, as with the help of a phone app, you can tailor-make your own vibrations. Do we foresee a new trend happening?

Meanwhile, its wireless charger can also be used to charge your smartphone.

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