Samantha Cameron Pictures Show Prime Minister's Wife Is Now A Scooter Commuter

Samantha Cameron Is Really Rubbing It In Now

This is how the prime minister's family showed off their General Election victory.

David Cameron's wife followed up their trip to a swanky Mayfair club last night by taking her kids out for a healthy day of scooting around London this morning. SamCam was snapped riding along Downing Street on a £165 micro scooter.

Much to the surprise of a heavily armed police officer, the PM's wife scooted past him while getting a face-full of pollen.

Sam Cam rides down Downing Street on a £165 scooter

Sam Cam rides down Downing Street on a £165 scooter (LIST)

Meanwhile in North London, Ed Miliband's family outing took on a slight more staid look outside his house with his family this morning.

Ed Miliband leaves home

SamCam may have the moves, but she's got competition across the pond:

It started off so well, just a bit of painting

Boris and David Cameron Visit To Nursery


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