Samantha Cameron Pictures Show Prime Minister's Wife Is Now A Scooter Commuter

This is how the prime minister's family showed off their General Election victory.

David Cameron's wife followed up their trip to a swanky Mayfair club last night by taking her kids out for a healthy day of scooting around London this morning. SamCam was snapped riding along Downing Street on a £165 micro scooter.

Much to the surprise of a heavily armed police officer, the PM's wife scooted past him while getting a face-full of pollen.

Sam Cam rides down Downing Street on a £165 scooter

Sam Cam rides down Downing Street on a £165 scooter (LIST)

Meanwhile in North London, Ed Miliband's family outing took on a slight more staid look outside his house with his family this morning.

Ed Miliband leaves home

SamCam may have the moves, but she's got competition across the pond:

It started off so well, just a bit of painting

Boris and David Cameron Visit To Nursery

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