Barack Obama And Bill Clinton Joke On Twitter, Rib Each Other Superbly

So this happened on Monday...

Despite already having a personal Twitter account, President Barack Obama has been given an official government handle.

After making his introductions, he then set about what doing exactly what you hoped he would do - indulge in a bit of gentle ribbing with Bill Clinton.

The not-so-subtle questioning on the behalf of Hilary was met with a pretty sharp response from Obama.


And Clinton wasn't the only person happy to see him around.

An unfortunate side effect of the President's new account appears to be much confusion around his handle.

Obama will step down from office next year with the race for his successor already heating up.

Clinton is the favourite to run for the Democrats with no other candidates close to her in the running at the moment.

On the Republican side, Scott Walker, Mark Rubio, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are all currently in contention.

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